NEO 0.9.0 - Public build now available !

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    [Edit 0.9.1] You can now make an account on the login screen.

    Hi player,

    I’m very happy to announce you the game is now available in public alpha ! :D
    Read the game page description to know what is this game.

    For this update, I have added severals new features. You can now build House to have citizens in your planet. Theses citizens need a good mood to happen.

    You need to have one Church or Firestation for 12 citizens to have a positive mood. If your planet mood is less than or equal to 0, you can’t have more citizens and you receive only the Half of your resources winned.


    • +Added new building “House”

      • One house give 4 citizens

    • +Added ‘Mood’ management

    • +Added 2 new Grounds (Dirt and Brick pavers)

    For the next update, I will add the system to make Units, and another system to spawn random ennemy on your planet.

    Thanks to Yevons and Nohtica for the help!

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