NEO 0.19.0 - New buildings, fixes and changes

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    Hey, new update is begin !

    New buildings availables !

    We have added new Woodcutter building, replacing the old. Also, new Apartment, can have more citizens in there, new Farm replacing the old Plantation field.

    New collider for Buildings !

    This change allows buildings to be closer to each other.

    We have also make some fixes, see below!
    Thanks for playing, See You Soon !

    Full changelog

    • +Added new Woodcutter texture

    • +Added Appartment building

    • +Added Farm Building

    • -Removed Plantation Field

    • *Replaced all box collider by Polygon collider

    • *Fixed: Bug contacting planets by coord. Adding “System” to coord needed.

    • *Fixed: Can use Stargate without the research

    • *Fixed: Camera freeze when player join the same scene

    • *Fixed: Dirt ground draw issue

    • *Fixed: Some building can be selected on clicking UI elements

    • *Fixed: Unit selection box can appear when clicking on UI elements


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