NEO 0.18.0 - Explore Other Planets !

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    Hey, would you like to explore other planets ? Now Available!

    I’m so happy to share you that version! I let you see :)

    New Game Phase - Modern Age !

    You can now go to the Modern Age and unlock some Features like Electricity, and travel via the StarGate to other planets!


    Portal Teleportation System

    The system is now Online! Click on a stargate and travel to other worlds!
    Your have the hability to view all planets at 1000 distance of you.
    When you build on a planets, you can see it in the “My Planets” button.

    Also, if a friend send you its coordinate, you can open the StarGate by entering theses coords and opening the StarGate.

    Warning, stargate use 100 Electricity per second to be Open.
    And, you can Send Units by moving them at 10 distance of the stargate :)

    Sprite Animation System

    The sprite system has been remake so I can now animate GameObjects.
    Some entities have new Animation ! :)

    Units and Selection Box

    I have added new Medieval Unit, the Archer! Make more damage that simple Soldier, and can attack at more distance.

    NEW! Selection Box System! Click on the map and drag your mouse to simply select some entities in the same time ! Simple, but important!

    New Buildings and Grounds

    Added Warehouse that add 1000 Storage capacity per building for all Resources!
    I have added a Research Center, currently Modern Decorative building but in the future, he is be used to make new Units like Engineers and Scientists.
    And, also, an Electric Solar Center to make Electricity on the Modern Age.


    Finally, we have replaced old ground by new Isometric Grounds.


    Minor UI Change/Fixes

    Added Resources Icon on the Top Hud.
    Entity selected now is Grey hovered.
    Fixed a bug that we can open some Building menu at the same time.

    Thanks for reading me, see you soon!

    Full Changelog

    • +Added Sprite Animation System

    • +Added Portal Teleportation System

    • +Added unit selection box system

    • +Added new phase Moderrn Age

    • +Added building Research Center

    • +Added building Warrehouse

    • +Added building Electric Solar Center

    • +Added new resource Electricity

    • +Added new medieval unit Archer

    • +Added new Isometrics Grounds

    • +Added Resource UI Icon

    • +Building placement menu is now Hidden when you select an entity to build

    • *Fixed Pixelated Health Bar

    • *Change in the World Generation

    • *Changed some Researchs Time/Cost

    • *Changed Entity Hover/Selected color to Grey (Blue before)

    • *Fixed: Can open some Building Menu

    • -Removed old simple grounds

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