NEO 0.17.0 - Some New Features !

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    [Fixe 0.17.1]

    • *Fixed default lang detection

    • *Added a Not Found translation (“Require”)

    Hello Player !

    I’m happy to tell you that there is a new update, and it’s great!


    Damaged entities now have a visible Life Bar. Some entities like Soldiers always have it to display.

    Entities will now be damaged every 12 seconds if they run out of resources to be active.

    Some entities, especially Buildings, are now upgraded. I let you see that in game!

    The prices and gains in the game have changed. Resources can now be decimal numbers.


    Searches now cost resources, in addition to search time.

    That’s not all, some research can now have several levels of improvement!

    Several searches have been added, I let you see that!

    User interface

    You can now see the number of resources gained / lost in a building menu. Similarly, the number of citizens in a house.

    Also, all windows in game are movable.
    A Logout button has been added in the game.
    And finally, you have the option to hide the interface with the F3 key.

    Translation System

    We have added a translation system, the game is now available in English and French. Other languages may be added later.

    Notification System

    We have added a notification system that displays messages according to your actions in the game. Simple, but useful!

    Construction Menu

    We added a category system to make navigation easier.

    Thanks for reading!
    See you Soon ;)


    • +Added Health Bar on Entities

    • +Entities be damaged every 12 seconds if don’t have enough resources to be active.

    • +Researchs cost now some resources

    • +Researchs now can have some levels to learn

    • +Added resources earn/cost per second info on Building UI

    • +Added number of Citizens info on House UI

    • +All UI In-Game Window now Draggable

    • +Resources can now be a Float. Some resources values have changed.

    • +Some entities can now be Upgraded.

    • +Added Notification System

    • +You can now hide all UI with F3

    • +Added Translation System (FR/EN)

    • +Added Log Out button Ingame

    • +Added Category system into the Build menu

    • *Some entities costs changed

    • *Fixed: Resources can be negative.

    • *Fixed small bugs

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