NEO 0.16.0 - Research, Citizens, Jobs, Food !

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    Hello Player !

    I’m happy to release now that version!

    Research System

    You can now research new features!
    We add more researchs later. With that system, you can run research, and a research can need another. A research take time to be learned.

    Citizens / Jobs Management

    Now, a building that earn resource(s) is considered as a Job. You need to have More or Equal of citizens, or the building begin inactive.

    Food Management

    Warning :: Your citizens need food, so place Herbary before all building, and next place House to have citizens. One citizen need one food. One Unit Soldier need 5 food.

    Thanks for reading.
    See you soon !

    Complete Changelog

    • +Added Research System

    • +Added Citizens and Jobs Management

    • +Added Food Management

    • *Change in the Entities structure of datas

    • *Fixed: Can zoom/unzoom map when mouse hover UI element

    • *Fixed: Can hover/click on an Entity when mouse hover UI element

    • *Fixed small bugs

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