NEO 0.12 - Buildings Under Attack, Collision!

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    Hello :D,

    Buildings Under Attack!

    All buildings can now be attacked by enemies. Units auto-attack buildings at 600 distances if no enemy units are more closer.


    I have added collision between units :-) Also you can now select multiple units with ‘SHIFT+LEFT CLICK’ on your units.
    Enemies spawn now less far of you, and they are visible in Red on the minimap.

    Big Fixes

    I have made a lot of fixes in this update, read the full changelog to know it’s :)

    Full Changelog

    • +Buildings can now be attacked.

    • +Units can auto-attack enemy building at 600 distance (only if no enemy unit are more closer).

    • +Added collision between units

    • +Select multiple units with SHIFT+LEFT CLICK

    • *Now move your camera with the right click (also with the middle mouse button)

    • *Enemies are now Red on Minimap

    • *Enemies spawn now less far

    • *Fixed: Camera last position not correctly loaded on start

    • *Fixed: We can select unit after is dead

    • *Fixed: Unit can move sometimes after be death

    • *Fixed: Unit don’t be updated anymore after be death (logic code)

    • *Fixed: Size of the decorative Well too big

    • *Fixed: Unit moved slip after moving

    • *Fixed: Destroying building don’t close its window

    • *Fixed: Unit try to attack enemy at 600 distance, even when the enemy is not in the same world.

    • *Fixed: Little bugs with the move-to-attack logic (server-side)

    • *Fixed: Major bug when you move multiple units in the same time, only the last is realy moved. (server-side)

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