NEO 0.11.0 - Fight VS Enemy ! (and more)

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    Hello player,

    NEO 0.11.0 is now Available :D

    Attack attack !

    In this release, I have added severals new features. The main is the Attack system. You can now order your unit to attack. AI Enemy can now spawn on your world, when you are online.

    Your unit can detect enemy at 600 distance of them. Also, you can select a unit and right-click on an enemy to order attack. A health bar indicate the Health of your unit.

    Also, now you need to have Citizens to make a unit, and one unit cost 15 resources per turn (all 13 min). The unit available is now named ‘Soldier’.

    Date system

    Another good feature is the Date system. Now, when your planet is generated, the date is set to 500/01/01 and is increased every turn (all 13 min). This feature will be used in the future for the Research system.

    New Object

    2 new ground (Stone and Concrete), and a decorative Well are now available. The decorative Well increase the mood of your citizens.

    Alert/Notification message

    All notification message will now be send to your chatbox to be read later.


    You can now set Music and Sound volume in your settings.
    Also, your last position on your map is saved on exit for the next login.


    You can now destroy a placed building. Symply click on a building, and click on the button ‘Destroy’. Your resources will not be refunded.

    Now, decorative buildings (well, church, firestation) give now 32 Moods per turn / per building (12 before).


    The menu is now hidden when your mouse don’t hover it. This saves space.
    The forum is now available in the menu, directly in-game.

    Thanks for reading :D

    Full Changelog

    • +You can now attack other unit

    • +Unit attacked auto-ripost

    • +Unit auto attack enemy at 600 distance

    • +Added a Health bar on the top of a unit

    • +Enemy can spawn in random condition on your world

    • +Added a new enemy skin

    • +Added a date system(year,month,day). A turn = +1 day.

    • +Add events messages to the chat (Thx Nohtica)

    • +Added Stone and Concrete ground to be placed

    • +Added a decorative Well. Increase the moods of your citizens.

    • +You can now change sound/music volume

    • +Release selected building with ESC key (also with right click) (Thx Nohtica)

    • +Close GUI building with ESC key

    • +Release selected Unit with ESC key (also with left click)

    • +You need now to have Citizens to make Units

    • +One unit cost now 15 resources per turn. (all 13 min)

    • +Added in-game forums

    • +Camera position now saved for the next login

    • +You can now destroy any building placed.

    • *Named “Soldier” the Unit available

    • *MenuList now is hidden when your mouse don’t hover the Menu button

    • *Move camera with the left click (also with middle mouse button) (Nohtica)

    • *One Church/Firestation give now 32 moods. (12 before)

    • *The game now continue playing when your leave the game-window

    • *Fixed: Save collision problem when two users are in the same map (Nohtica)

    • *Fixed: Grass placed during the first planet generation is not considered Builded. So, the tint is dark. (thx Nohtica)

    • *Fixed: Orientation of Units not saved on exit

    • *Fixed: Moving unit symply teleport them (server-side)

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