NEO 0.10.0 - Make Units, Zoom, and More !

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    Nalem 10 months ago

    [Fix 0.10.1]

    • *Fixed: Minimap was no longer displayed due to the Zoom system

    • *Fixed: Player position not displayed on the minimap

    Hello player, :)

    Happy New Year for 2017 ! :)

    I have added a system to make units in this update! (And more)
    With the Barracks building, you can create a unit. You can select a unit by a left click, and move itself with the right click. You can release the selection with a left click on the map.

    Also, I have added new entity to be build. Grass, Tree and i have fixed the size of Brick pavers and Grass.

    Another good feature is the Zoom system!
    You can now zoom in/out of the map.

    About the road’s, you can now place it under the buildings. Also, you need to place a road now to be able to place a building.(it’s false for Ground and Plant entity, you can place these entities anywhere)

    You can now have more info when you click on a builded building. Not all for now, only Herbary, Church, Firestation, House and Barracks.

    All planets are been reset for this update, due to a new structure of datas.

    Thanks for reading,


    • +Added a system to make Unit!

      • You can make unit with the Barracks

    • +Added ‘Grass’ to be build

    • +Added 4 Tree to be build

    • +Added a Zoom system!

    • +You can now place ground under the buildings

    • +Now you need a Road to be able to place a building

    • +Added server check when you place an entity on the map

    • +Added a info panel when you click on a building (not all for now)

    • +Added a Rotation to the Skybox

    • *Optimized Entity Placement code / Map save (Client and Server)

    • *Structure of planets remake

    • *Fixed: Tree destroyed isn’t destroyed when we reload the game

    • *Fixed: I can’t close the window “Create account” in fullscreen (Thx Yevons)

    • *Fixed size of Brick pavers

    • *Fixed size of Grass

    • *Fixed: placing a building open the UI of another if it is too close

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