1.12.0 - New Planets, Permission System, and Lot of Improvements !

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    Nalem 1 month ago

    Hello players !


    Happy to share this update with you Today !

    We have very worked to stabilize the Game and Improve the Gameplay.


    New Planets

    Planet system has been remake ! We have removed the Low-Poly System to migrate to Terrain style with new Textures per type.

    So, all planets have now Textures and new Skybox. We have also added that placing a building on the Terrain fit the terrain under the building.

    Please report any bugs that you can found!


    Permission System

    Yessss! With the Flag system (that permit to prevent other players to Build on your Planet or System), You can now give Permission to Users to build on a Planet or on a System. Soo Goood :D


    Some Improvements

    We want that the game be more stable and logic. So, we have reworked some features to be more user-friendly, and pretty.

    Now, Placing a building need to not collide with another. Also some Check (like if have enough ressources) has been moved client-side to respond more quickly!

    We have worked on Rebalancing Units Damages, Buildings cost/earn  and other settings.

    Other fixes and improvements, read the full changelog above :)


    New Buildings

    You can see new buildings in-game!

    Modern wall also can now attack enemies around. Added new Futur wall, Fireman, and some Units!

    All change are available in the full changelog above.



    Thanks for Reading! See you Soon :)





    Full Changelog

    + Added collision Check on building Placement

    + Destroying a Building give now 50% of the base ressources to the owner

    + Added cooldown for Player Pistol

    + Added more Grass models on the planet (2K to 5K)

    + Added Futur Wall

    + Added Fireman building (decorative/mood)

    + Added player cant build in Combat mode

    + Added building under construction is Paused if is attacked

    + Added new Earth/Air units on Space Age

    + New Planet System, with Textures and removed old system Low-Poly

    + Added system to Fit terrain under Buildings

    + Added new Skybox for each planets type

    + Added smoke effects on buildings who cause pollution

    + Added a ViewFinder in First Person View

    + Added permission system on Flags to allow per users permission

    * Improved the Tooltip System

    * Reducced mood give by buildings

    * Modern Wall can now attack with a turret

    * Building rotation multiplied by 2

    * Some check for building placement has been check from client to speed up check

    * Squared placement (with LeftShift key) is now set to 1

    * Electricity cost for Modern Mine redduced X2

    * Space Warehouse now consume 1Ur/s and Shipyard now consume 10Ur/s

    * Fixed Shield of SpaceShip not scaled with the Spaceship

    * Fixed some Space Building not spawnable

    * Fixed bug that cause entities not attack

    * Fixed bug that cause player not respawning

    * Fixed some preview images bug

    * Fixed Woodcutter cause pollution

    * Fixed ambiant modelds (like grass) Spawn on Buildings

    * Fixed Background of the GalaxyMap transparent (not black)

    * Fixed error with Sun Damage on damaging player

    * Fixed Helicopters rotating in wrong direction

    * Bug fixe on Units

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