1.11.0 - Sounds and Fixes

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    Nalem 1 month ago



    In this update we have added new Features and improved some aspect of the game.

    We have added new Building, Sounds Effects (not all for now, is for testing).


    In the last update we have introduced a bug that cause Ressources generation Freeze. This is now fixed !

    Thanks for Playing and Have a good evening !







    + Added Space Turret

    + Added new unit Space Transporter

    + Added new unit Astronaut, and reworked models for Archer, Warrior and Soldier

    + Added Walk sound effect on Player Character

    + Added Player Pistol sound effect

    + Added Archer sound effect on Attack

    * Improved Modern Wall

    * Improved sync of players in spaceship

    * Fixed futur farm produce Oil (now Food)

    * Fixed Category of Garbage Collector in the Build Menu

    * Residential Ring now can have 64 peoples per stage

    * Fixed bug that cause Ressources not generating when building is Constructed

    * Fixed size of some buildings

    * Fixed Preview of buildings added in 1.10.0 not visible

    * Fixed models of space units Cruiser, Fighter and Destroyer

    * Fixed Garbage collector give Mood 

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