1.10.0 - New Models and Buildings

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    Nalem 1 month ago

    Hello players ! 


    We have worked to improve and add new Buildings with Yevons, here is the complete changelog.

    Thanks for Playing !


    See you Soon




    Full Changelog

    + Added progress bar during building construction

    - All building now have a Time to construct

    + Added new building Futur Farm

    + Added Modern Wall

    + Added new Space Mine for Iron and Uranium

    + Added new Decorative buildings (can give Mood)

    - School, University, Hospital, Taxi, Police

    + Added new building for Depollution System

    - Garbage Collector (in Modern Age)

    - Depollution System (Space Age)

    + Added some new models for Space and Modern Age

    * Improved earn for Space Solar Generator (X2)

    * Fixed buiding under construction is always active

    * Fixed can use a building that is under construction

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